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Scary World Effect: Dina Estrada

Media Effects and Politics

Dina E., Kennedy C., Emily J., Rob D., Laura M. Continue reading “Media Effects and Politics”

Presidential Election voting results in South Carolina

Dina Estrada

bigstock-USA-presidential-election-73498186 (1).jpg

The world is at its tiptoes with the presidential election this year. We are constantly surrounded by media and hear opinions, Continue reading “Presidential Election voting results in South Carolina”

The Scare Factor on Social Media



 The race to the white house has always been a Hot topic around the Globe. The USA as a Super Power Continue reading “The Scare Factor on Social Media”

What do we stand for?

Dina Estrada


What do you fight for? How often do you stop and look back at the struggle and you find yourself amazed at the power of DETERMINATION?
How often do you intentionally fall into the hands of bully and pretend like nothing is happening?   Continue reading “What do we stand for?”

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