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The world is at its tiptoes with the presidential election this year. We are constantly surrounded by media and hear opinions, ideas, facts, and so many words come from so many directions. in the 21st century it is hard to not know about things that are happening across the globe since people that we are connected to share it and indirectly or directly inform us. Like my fellow blogger shares in her post about Gatekeepers, they are the ones that let information out and in, they have control over what the world will hear. The World will hear and get whatever information the gatekeepers want to share through Agenda setting- like Kennedy expands on. My work or idea of media and the public comes in with making things look scarier than they actually are through the Scary World Effect- like we have talked about in other post. There are so many opportunities for us to get factual and real information if we take the time to create our own opinion with factual information, not just media.

The Country

us-election-polls.pngOverall we have seen more than 15 GOP and Democratic candidates battle it out in the debates since 2015- now we have about 7 or so, depending on the date that you read this article- someone might drop tonight.

We have seen how candidates have dropped due to lack of votes, lack of persistency or too scared to continue. Things might have appeared hardener than they were, due to the way media and other sources present them.


South Carolina



Me as a South Carolinian have high expectation for our state but we have a history of turning out to be Republican party. This does not represent the idea of all of the individuals that are in the state. We all have different opinions and ideas. A Furman Political Science professor was interviewed and she gives her perspective on the Presidential race and I believe her comments are clear and without bias



Q:  Who is likely to do well and who poorly in the Republican primary?  Who needs to do well?

Dr. Vinson

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Vinson: There seems to be two separate races going on in the Republican primary.  The first is the contest for those voters who are angry and mistrustful of government.  They want an outsider, and they aren’t real worried about practical concerns that the nominee can actually do what he says.  They want someone who gives voice to their anger.  They are deciding between Trump and Cruz.  Right now, that seems to be Trump’s race to lose.

The second race is for those voters who recognize that talking is not governing, and they are searching for someone who can actually address the country’s problems while moving things in a conservative direction.  This group of voters is also looking for a candidate that won’t embarrass or destroy the GOP’s long term interests.  They are deciding among Bush, Kasich and Rubio, and that’s a very fluid race at this point.  If Bush doesn’t come out on top of that group in South Carolina, he’s probably done.  If he wins that battle, whichever of the other two come in second could keep going if they keep it close.  But I have no idea who wins that battle.  Their campaign efforts this week matter a lot.

Dr. Vinson makes a strong statement when she concludes that some voters want to voice their anger and that is ultimately what is causing so much revolt and commotion especially at Trump rallies. I believe that violence is being normalized through media for some individuals- like the desensitizing theory describes- tolerance of real-life violence grows because the media depicts violence. This causes fear to grow on people.

I spoke with a group of Hispanic parents for about 10 minutes and they were able to share and show a great deal of concern for their children’s safety due to people carrying out any absurd action due to racism or any intolerance for certain beliefs. The way media depicts these messages cause real concerns and fear upon people that should not have to fear for their safety. The media describes politics in a certain way and through media the government displays itself as open to the public but at times this gives way for a bias or one sided opinion. We all have a constant struggle to define our own position and definition of what we should or must do to stand on firm on our political ideas. We don’t have to go side with the general public just because we are from a certain state.




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