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 The race to the white house has always been a Hot topic around the Globe. The USA as a Super Power

has an impact in the policies, events, lives and opinion of numerous countries throughout the world. The 2016 Presidential Election has partially become a race of popularity on the web, the trending news that come from the candidates such as: email scandal, deportation, Muslims, free college tuition, unemployment, health care, national debt and so on. These topics and more bring a particular candidate to mind.

How is it that social media has become a more informative source than actual news?

Social Media such as Tweeter has become an important part of everyday news. How did companies turn from a mode of entertainment into the Political race?

It was, it is and will always be about the money.

How They Got involved

social_icons You probably saw a blog about it on Facebook, a tweet directly from the candidate or a retweet, a meme that made fun of a topic or a Snapchat that published 10 second news. These forms of media saw the profit in partnering with the political race. SocialTimes shares Borrell Associates findings: “politicians will be allocating over 9 percent of media budget towards digital and social media — this comes to an estimated $1 billion.”             Social Media

Social media is obviously another tool that the candidates have used to persuade and recruit supporters.

Donal Trump’s Tweeter

Ted Cruz’s Tweeted

Hillary Clinton’s Tweeter

Bernie Sander’s Tweeter

The power that their tweets have are notorious, for one of these candidates he is more popular for deleting Tweets than posting them. Making comment about Candidates and their personal lives. Making it clear that the more they tweet the more they will gain support.

Getting People Kicked Out

The reaction to the multiple post that get publish vary depending on the individual’s opinion, history and political standing. We could talk about the multiple ways in which supporters react but I would like to focus on the negative effect that happens from people that do not support certain candidates.

The Scary World Effect affects citizen’s opinions and amplifies social problems to make them appear scarier than they actually are, this technique plays with individual’s insecurities, concerns and fears.

We all know about Donald Trumps Rallies, the violence that happens, the division and increasing hatred that is nurtured in those places.

Republican presidential candidate Trump spars with Univision reporter Ramos before his "Make America Great Again Rally" in Dubuque
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spars with Univision reporter Jorge Ramos before his “Make America Great Again Rally” at the Grand River Center in Dubuque, Iowa, August 25, 2015. Ramos was removed from Trump’s news conference on Tuesday after the Republican presidential candidate said the journalist was asking a question out of turn. REUTERS/Ben Brewer TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY – RTX1PNL1

One example of how the scary world effect took effect and played a major role was on August 25, 2015 when Donald Trump took on an Identity and challenged it at a press conference. The moment when Donald Trump ordered to remove Jorge Ramos from a press conference was only a symbolism of what he actually wants to do. He caused upon many. If he was willing to kick a Hispanic figure and the organization, he represented what would be not be willing to do to the people that resemble him. He didn’t just challenge an individual, he challenged the entire community.

Second example is when violence is used on a Muslim Woman that stood up to make a statement. She later on says in an interview that article-trump-3-0108.jpgthe way Donald Trump speak is not adequate. Donald removed the women for making a statement, but he was not just removing the woman he was removing the identity she represents. The people that silently stand up in opposition. The women that support her. The people that take on these difficult task are at most risk but yet don’t back out because they know that the bravery of one can give birth to the fight of the many.


Jorge Ramos- Univision

Muslim Woman  

Donal Trump’s TweeterTed Cruz’s Tweeter

Hillary Clinton’s TweeterBernie Sander’s Tweeter


Uninformed Supporters

Univision anchor tossed from Trump media event